A confluence of musicianship and production stemming from both coasts, Woves emits a blacklight from between the darker folds of the alt-wave scene. Singer-Songwriter and LA-based producer Josh Ricchio (Freak Owls, Will Phåråoh), NYC-based producer Kolby Wade  (Imaginary  People,  Will  Phåråoh), and singer-songwriter Emily Zuzik  (Moby,  Tim Lefebvre,) unite their respective influences to create thematic musical pieces, reminiscent of a drive through the neon lights of nostalgic nights. Ricchio and Wade layer palpitating synths and opalescent guitars with analog drum machines underneath Zuzik’s seductive and mesmerizing alto, weaving threads of every color in and around the confines of every song.  Ricchio lends  his  voice  to  backing  and  lead throughout, both  vocalists  feeding  off  of  each other’s  disparate  styles.